Sunday, January 3, 2010

I was listening to CBC radio this afternoon, the fella has an online book called The Next Step, I didn't catch his name.
Anyway he suggested people blog, get themselves out there, say something.

It has been 2 years since I wrote on this blog, life happens.
My little guy is now going to be 6 in two weeks. he still asks questions that send me on a quest for information.

I feel stuck, my feet hurt, my left arm hurts, I don't enjoy my job, I wish for so much more, it feels like this is not enough or the right direction or something. And I dont' want to wallow in self pity, just have strength to face what can be done to move forward. oh, and the direction to be clear, that would be helpful!

Thanks for listening,

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My 3 year old

Mathew started talking about somthing that I needed information about.
I found lot of great stuff at for parents and teachers.
It has several parenting phamplets that helped answer some of my questions.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I found scrapbooking online!

this one has downloadable freebies!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Simply Successful Secrets

Here is a fun game of tag!

Write a new post stating your 5-10 top success secrets that you do each week. Tag your friends to do the same. Then link your secrets to this main blog:
(there are more detailed intructions at this site!)

I found the game at
Hueina Su's blog Intensive Care for the Nurturer's soul.

Here are my 5-10 success secrets.
The game got me thinking. It's been a long time since I implemented these success secrets, I have a 3 year old and haven't taken the time to implement what I know to be effective. These are the things I did regularly and I felt wonderful, and my life was joyous and perfect. Maybe just thinking about them will help me take the time I need for myself to feel great about myself again.

1) Write. Everyday. no excuses. 3 pages. And I did it, getting up at 5:30 to happily do so and then 3 turns into 4, then 5 and sometimes up to 8 pages before heading out the door for work. (maybe if i can find a way to keep it focused this great habit can help me write a book!)

2) Meditate daily. Go inside to the love. listen. breathe.

3) Call my best friend everyday. We discussed the patterns of behavior we were working on, we laughed and cried. and Grew - immensly. I kept in touch with lots of friends. (Why did I stop doing this?)

4) Read. Anything that helps me learn about myself. I spent time implementing tools learned in books I read. (gotta fit this into my time now!) From here I set goals and accomplished them, personal and professional.

5) Music. Uplifting music. Let myself dance to it! (alone!)

6) Walk. almost everyday. It is relaxing. I invest my thoughts on positive affirmations and creating characters for stories or visualizing my goals.

7) Create. At least 1 thing per week. Whether it is cooking, drawing, painting, collage, anything to express myself.

Now I need to tag some friends to do the same!


I've been blogging and found mybloglog.
Visit it and see my community links!

novel writing


November is National Novel Writing Month at this link

This will be a fun thing to do!
50,000 In a month. thats 1667 words a day or 6 pages.

I'm a member of our local writer's guild here in Sudbury. Maybe I'll challenge them to join this November!